Can Web Meeting SDK manipulate Breakout room feature?

Our application would like to give user manipulating breakout room in web meeting. is there any way to do that?

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Welcome, @lck627,

For your concern, please see this post:

Thank you for your reply, however, that post seems related to Zoom API. how about the Zoom web SDK which is using javascript.

I use client view and i found that the client view UI can control the breakout room, so it seems that the code itself is capable to manipulate the breakout room. but because the source javascript is minified so i dont know exactly how to call the function.

Great question, @lck627! Currently, the Zoom Web SDK offers a getBreakoutRoomList method, which lists the rooms and attendees.I’ve linked our Web SDK reference below.

I have seen this function, but how about putting meeting user into breakout room or starting breakout session? is there no way to do it in Web SDK?


Correct! At this time, there is no API or method to put meeting users into a breakout room or start a breakout session. You can leverage the Breakroom Object to pre-assign users to breakout rooms, but not during the meeting.

Create a meeting

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