Cannot create "Video SDK" Account

HI Team,

I have tried atleast 10 times to create Video SDK Account, it always come to the payment method page and fails like below. I have tried with debit cards and credit cards too.

Request you to help me create an account.

Thank You
K Krishna

HI @krishnachaithanyatvs ,

I’m sorry you’re encountering issues while trying to create an account. Please follow the ‘submit a request’ link within the error message to get the proper assistance for this issue.


Hi @rehema.zoom ,

I have raised the request and i was asked to update payment method in my zoom user account. After successfully adding the payment method in user account, when i try to buy the video sdk again, it asked me to signout and continue with a new account. So the problem came again repetitively.

So if i logout and create new account the payment method is not getting verified again…

Finally after many attempts i have come to this forum to try to resolve the issue.

Thank you,
K Krishna

HI @rehema.zoom ,

Not sure how it worked but i was able to complete the checkout finally. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions.

Thank you,
K Krishna

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