Unable to complete the payment to download VideoSDK

I am trying to purchase the VideoSDK using Buy it now - Zoom. Selected “Pay as you Go” and then entered the necessary details. But when I go to the Payment stage and enter the credit card details and Click “Place Order”, I see the error message which reads the following.
" Error! The system could not process your request at this time, please try again later or using another payment method. If the problem persists please contact your bank or try a different payment method. If the issue persists, please submit a request to Zoom for assistance."
It’s got nothing to do with the credit card. It’s been 3 days since I am trying with renewed hope each time, but no luck and no support from Zoom for my queries too.

Which Web Video SDK version?

Additional Info:
I am trying to make the purchase from India and using Indian credit cards.

Hi, can you send me an email at isvsupport@zoom.us so we can trace your buy flow, we are in the process of debugging this issue.

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