Cannot deactivate meeting SDK app


I have searched for the answer to this all morning.

I incorrectly made my meeting SDK app “intend to publish: yes”.

I have read that there is no way to undo this, and instead I should deactivate the app and create a new one. But there is no way to deactivate this or remove it. On the manage screen, the only option I get is request to publish.

I am now blocked in a place where I cannot make the scope changes I need because to update the app. But to update the app I need to fill in all the required info to publish the app. But, I do not intend to publish the app.

Is there a way to delete, deactivate, reset or do something so that I can continue development?



We have just released the multiple SDK app feature on marketplace.

In case there are some changes you wanted to do, you can now create additional SDK apps on your marketplace account.