Cannot end on premise meeting using the ZOOM API


We are using on premise accounts for creating meetings using the ZOOM API, everything works fine except that we can’t end meetings through the API and they are not ending automatically after the meeting end time passes, so the only way to end a meeting is for all the meeting users to leave the meeting which is not very convenient. From the dev forum and API documentation we found out that on premise users meetings can’t be ended through the API although this feature is available for free users so it should be available to business accounts also.

The problem is that if we can’t end the meetings we might get into situations were users have not ended their meeting and the next meeting can’t be started if we already have two meetings in progress because business accounts support max two simultaneous started meetings. This is really a big issue, is there any way that we can end the meetings automatically after the duration passes or allow on premise accounts to call the end meeting through the API? → “Can not end on-premise user’s meeting: {meetingId}.”

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Hi @daniel.dragomir
Sorry for the late reply!
I just want to check in with you to see if you are still looking for assistance on this or if you were able to troubleshoot this?

Hello @elisa.zoom ,

Yes, still looking for assistance.

Thank you!

Hi @daniel.dragomir
As you shared in the previous post, this is expected behavior.
I am unable to replicate this behavior on my end to come up with a workaround since I do not have the proper permissions in my account but I will keep looking around to come up with a workaround for your use case