End call with on premise server

We need to use this REST api call to end a certain meeting

The problem is that we are also using an on-premise meeting connector. When we try to use this call we get an error that this cannot be done with on-premise server.

Is there a way to end a meeting through the rest api even if it’s on an on-premise meeting connector?

Is there a way to end the meeting through a shell  command on the on premise server itself?

Hi Meir, sorry for the late response. 

we do not support some of these APIs in a on premise connector deployment and currently there is no way to use the API to end meetings on an on prem connector.

If this is an important use case for you, we will create a feature request - it’s not an implementation issue for us and more on the security and deployment. 

Thanks, Wei 

Hi Amir, there is no way to end the meeting through the command line on the connectors. 

I understand


Is there a way that is similar to opening these links



that will effect the zoom client on the desktop to end the meeting?



no - you can’t invoke those meeting links to end the meeting.