Cannot find [mobilertc-android-studio] in the downloaded SDK for android and on github repository

I am trying to integrate the zoom-sdk for my android application but i didn’t find any Mobilertc module in the downloaded SDK nor in zoom-android github repository. i checked for any information regarding the missing files but couldn’t find anything on the dev forum or github readme.

  • here is the screenshot from the github page

also i downloaded sdk from docs of which i cannot post any media file but it also shows no modules of MobileRTC

Hey @tejaspatel27,

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As of this SDK version and future versions, the SDK is available in the Zoom Marketplace. Log into the Zoom Marketplace -> Build app -> SDK -> Download -> Android.
From there the downloaded folder should look like this:
Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 12.21.48 PM


Hi @Michael_Condon thank you for the reply, can you please let me know where this steps have mentioned i didn’t find it in docs or i may have missed out while going through them.

Thank you
Tejas Patel

Hi @tejaspatel27,

The steps to download the SDK can be found in our documentation here.