Cannot get Camera Mode to work in Layers API

I have not used setVirtualForeground. I would expect as it draws an image you would need to refresh it whenever with a new image you want the timer to appear to move?

I would recommend you start a new question in the forum re setVirtualForeground there are probably other devs out there that have used it.

thanks @henry2 for your help, regarding the notification i don’t understand much, why are not you using the ZoomAppSdk method for notification like below, or do you want some different type of notification, in my case, i want to send a notification to those users who have booked meetings and now the meeting is about to start so i just want to remember them, so which approach should i choose can you suggest something @henry2 :slight_smile:

await zoomSdk.showNotification({
type: “info”,
title: “Hello”,
message: “This is an info notification”

I was sending messages between the camera view and the panel (so actions on the panel caused display to change on that person’s camera view). Also for log info from the code in the camera back to the panel so I can see/debug via the inspector. It was not messages/notifications across users.

hey @henry2 yes now i understand now you are not using any push type notification, but in my case i need to display notification to the user so that user know their meeting is about to start, so can you recommend something which flow should i implement like websockets or simple zoom AppSdk function, i want to know your thoughts thanks always :slight_smile:

I would say it depends. The zoom mechanism works for all people currently in the meeting. Websockets will take up more resources on your server. If you just need to send a message to people using the app in that meeting I would use the zoom mechanism.

Appreciate :pray: @henry2 you always help me, I learned a lot from you, i have a last question how you are using authentication flow in your zoom app, in my case i have an Authentication system using JWT in my web app Now iam thinking is there a way to use existing Authentication flow which i was using in my web app. and i also confuse how can i install zoom app in zoom client not for testing for ?, like Authentication and installing the zoom app both are different ?

i am a bit confuse in those items, let me know if it make sense to you.
thanks :slight_smile: