Recovering app after Camera OFF / ON

If my camera is ON when my app is started, the layers work fine. Once I turn camera OFF and then ON, I loose any content on the Camera and the app is not automatically reloaded in Camera. I think I am missing something simple. Any ideas?

In my experience, enabling and disabling the camera synced with the drawn participant when using the layers API. Can you send a screenshot depicting what’s happening?

Also, does this only happen when the participant is using a mobile device?

Actually it’s not the draw participant that’s the issue. Here is what would cause the problem:

  • start the app while camera is on
  • my app launches and I am able to draw participant and webview etc
  • now user turns the zoom camera off, everything goes
  • now user turns camera on. My layers are gone in Camera, but the app is still running in sidebar

I even have a message call from sidebar app to show webview. But that goes nowhere it seems. I think the camera side app is not restarted and was not running while user had camera off.

Hope that clarifies the question.