Cannot hear sound

Hello, a friend of mine is using Samsung Galaxy tab A 2016, and has all latest Zoom updates. Sorry I don’t know what SDK means but it’s an android issue.

She often chats to me and my wife on Zoom. Sometimes we are in larger meetings together, with 30 devices. However although we can hear her, she cannot hear anyone. Nobody else in the meeting has this issue. Sometimes she does hear us for a few seconds or up to a minute or 2 at the start of a meeting, but then the audio stops. Sometimes she can hear us if her own microphone is muted. This is ok for a long meeting if she’s mainly just listening, but clearly it’s not ideal, especially when it’s just us and herself chatting. She tells us that she can listen to music and watch and hear videos on her tablet. We think we’ve tried all ther obvious things, but can you help out here please.She’s not very technically minded. I’d go to her home and check it all myself if it weren’t for covid-19. She does have a smart phone and that works ok on Zoom, but she’d prefer to use the tablet which has a better camera.
Thank you


Hi @RicardoVerdi, thanks for using Zoom.

This forum is meant for developers integrating Zoom into their app (SDK means software development kit). For assistance with the Zoom app on Android, please see our general support page.


Hi John,

Thanks, I was tired, it was late, I’ll try the general support.

Appreciate that