Cannot join meeting for combination of ‘Allow participants to join anytime’ and ‘Waiting room’ option

Hello Team,

Last thread was locked due to no activity sorry about that. No custom code is needed to reproduce this issue.

Please see steps to reproduce in the below section.

Error code: 3000. Please see screenshot

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a recurrence meeting which has ‘Allow participants to join anytime’ set true, ‘Waiting room’ set false.
  2. Modify a single occurrence to turn off ‘Allow participants to join anytime’, turn on ‘Waiting room’.
  3. Don’t start the meeting
  4. Let guest user join the meeting through ‘Invite Link’ and then use ’ Join from Your Browser’ option to join on web app.
  5. Guest will see black screen with errors


Device (please complete the following information):

Additional context
We first found out this problem by using WebSDK and found out the behaviors below. But it is also reproducible on Zoom Webapp. The guest user will be able to join if we set that single occurrence meeting back to ‘Allow participants to join anytime’ true, ‘Waiting room’ false. I will try to monitor this thread more often incase I miss any feedback in the future.

ZoomMtg.init() is working fine which calls success callback that calls join()
ZoomMtg.join() never calls back to success() nor error() callback

Hey @Wenbo , thanks for sharing this issue.

Can you also take a screenshot of the error you see when using the Web SDK?

This seems like the expected flow, but the error message is wrong. What do you think?


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for reply. I attached screenshots for error dialog, console log and whole screenshot below.

You mentioned it seems like a expected flow. Is that means we cannot set a single occurrence in the recurrence meetings to have opposite settings for ‘waiting room’ and ‘Allow participants to join anytime’? Waiting rooms seems not working here.

Hey @Wenbo,

Thank you for providing more detail on the issue you’re seeing. As you’re seeing this happen with the Zoom Web Client as well as the Zoom Web SDK, this is something that our Customer Support Team can assist you with best.

You can use the link above to create a ticket with them. Please provide them with this information in the ticket and let them know you’re seeing this issue when using the Zoom Web Client. They’ll be able to investigate the issue from there and engage any internal resources necessary to provide a fix.


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