Cannot join meeting this account does not exist or dont belong to you

I’m using @zoom/videosdk, and i called join method, with random names, and i got the error
cannot join meeting this account does not exist or dont belong to you.
But when i search about docs, on this Username for the "join" method it says username is just display name and don’t have to be my zoom account, why is it like this?

For context, i’m using this repo currently GitHub - zoom/sample-app-videosdk: zoom videosdk web demo

Hi @ahmad.reza ,

If you are running the demo in pureJS-demo directory,
in your /src/js/config/js file, did you fill up these mandatory fields?

  1. sdkKey
  2. sdkSecret
  3. topic

If you are running the other demo in react-demo directory,
in your /src/config/dev.ts, did you fill up these mandatory fields?

  1. sdkKey
  2. sdkSecret
  3. topic
  4. signature

I’m having the same issue as the OP : “This account does not exist or does not belong to you” pops up when loading the ‘react-video-sdk-demo’ .

This is after running the ‘videosdk-sample-signature-node.js’ app locally to set a ‘topic’ and get a ‘signature’ string by feeding in the Zoom Video SDK key and SDK secret from one of my apps.

  1. sdkKey from “Type: SDK” app under “Created Apps” in Zoom Marketplace account
  2. sdkSecret from same location
  3. ‘topic’ as sent to ‘Zoom Video SDK Sample Signature Node.js’ via curl request
    curl -d ‘{ “sessionName”: “The Test”}’ -H “Content-type: application/json” -X POST http://localhost:4000
  4. the signature from the output of the above curl request

What might we be missing ?

We had missed that you actually need to purchase the VideoSDK plan before using the VideoSDK secret listed in the developer account when you pick a VideoSDK app.

We also had issues because
(1) you can’t buy the VideoSDK with an existing Zoom account (what??!?) and
(2) the web browser we were trying to purchase the VideoSDK through had been used by more than one Zoom account, and the “Buy Zoom SDK” page simply has a bug that prevents it from working in that situation. It’s a known bug because the sales support team knows about it and suggested the workaround of using Incognito Mode to make the transaction happen. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That might be a bug to fix?

Anyway, if you have trouble buying the Video SDK, try Incognito Mode? And, oddly… it might not result in a charge, but you have to lay down a credit card to test out this SDK, which isn’t clear at first. The UI basically offers up SDK keys when they’re sure not to work, that seems like a bug as well. The error messages that the sample apps gave were not even close to describing the real issue - at the least, that error message could be expanded to suggest that the account may not have a license to the VideoSDK.

Same Jimmi trying with a different account, which I did successfully purchase the VideoSDK under. Unfortunately, I’m still seeing the same message.

.env from videosdk-sample-signature-node.js :
ZOOM_VIDEO_SDK_SECRET=<SDK Credentials “SDK Secret”>

Curl request and output from videosdk-sample-signature-node.js:
% curl -d ‘{ “sessionName”: “TrifectaTest” }’ -H “Content-type: application/json” -X POST http://localhost:4000


Which makes the react-demo config/dev.ts file into :

import { getExploreName } from ‘…/utils/platform’;

export const devConfig = {
sdkKey: ‘iNtl2BuoDSb3P6RG20zTGKZTt8H2w9deBQmS’,
sdkSecret: ‘<SDK Credentials “SDK Secret”>’,
topic: ‘TrifectaTest’,
name: ${getExploreName()}-${Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000)},
password: ‘’,
signature: ‘FBebVO-y_k4lpiA_0sOCrG3b3c5vpCNpmhxBzIzklHA’

Is there some part of this that I have wrong? The <SDK Credentials “SDK Secret”> part above is replaced with the data from my Video SDK app, everything else is actual to show formatting etc. I’m not getting any errors on the console, it’s just not authenticating, the demo can’t ‘join’ or start a session.

I do seem to have some sort of weird issue that I’m getting some sales support help with, in that I get either VideoSDK developer or standard developer UI when logging into the App Marketplace, depending on which web browser I use, even though the email address and password are the same, so there might be a Zoom identity issue here… but can someone please look at this and tell me if there files and process look right otherwise?

I was able to get the “Cannot join meeting” error to go away by… leaving the signature blank.

I assume that I mixed in the JWT authentication instructions with the VideoSDK authentication, simply because the docs were a bit disjointed and the first attempts failed since I was using an SDK key, but not the Video SDK key… because I hadn’t attached a credit card to buy the VideoSDK minutes. I think.

It’s really clear as mud, and I do still have an issue with my logins, obviously… Chrome thinks the account that works doesn’t exist, right down to the email I get when trying to reset the password. But that’s another topic…