Cannot Join Webinar 1.7.7

Getting error code 3604 when trying to join webinar as an attendee using web sdk 1.7.7. Error message is ‘The current sdk version doesn’t support webinar, please upgrade to the latest version. Error code 3604.’

Webinar is started by host using Zoom Windows client.

This was because I was trying to join a webinar using the web sdk as a registered webinar attendee. Registered attendees are not supported in the web sdk. It’s listed as a coming feature for 1.8 but that will be too late for us.

Hi @bmilburn,

Right now joining Webinars via registered users is not supported by the WebSDK right now. We are looking to update this in a future release -


Joining meetings (not webinars) that require registrations has stopped working. If I configure my meeting to not require registration then it works. It was working with registrations for several weeks then recently we get the following error…

{“method”:“join”,“status”:false,“result”:null,“errorMessage”:“Joining fail”,“errorCode”:1}

I was running 1.7.7 so I updated to 1.7.8 but I am still getting the same error.

We can still join a webinar but they don’t use registrations either. It seems something has changed on Zoom’s end for meetings with registrations.

Hey @bmilburn,

The Web SDK currently does not support webinar registration. However, it will be supported an upcoming release: