Cannot receive user network disconnected event on remote user when internet is disconnected

I am using “@zoom/videosdk”: “^1.10.0”, in react js. I have a use case where local user’s internet got disconnected and i have to show no internet text on remote user’s screen, the issue i am facing there is no event triggered that i can listen on remote user.

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
The code snippets that are causing the error / issue so we can reproduce.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join meeting with user one.
  2. Join meeting with user two.
  3. once both users are joined.
  4. Close the network connection of user one.(Turn off Wifi)
  5. On user two there is no indication about user one’s connection status.

Troubleshooting Routes
I have tried all the envents listed in VideoClient.

VideoClient | Zoom Video SDK for Web - 1.10.5

Documentation for Zoom Video SDK for Web - 1.10.5

Device :

  • OS: [Windows 10, Andriod]
  • Browser: [Chrome]

Hey @aleem.hussain

Thanks for your feedback.

There is an ‘isInFailover’ property on the participant object, indicating whether this user is disconnected or in the process of reconnecting.


I am aware of the ‘isInFailover’ property, but I require a triggering point to know when to check for the ‘isInFailover’ property. There isn’t a single event fired during the time span when the user disconnects.

Hey @aleem.hussain

Typically, changes in participant properties will trigger the user-updated event. You can listen to this event to capture the timing of its changes.


Hey @vic.yang ,

As I mentioned above, “There isn’t a single event triggered during the time span when the user disconnects.” I have tried every event in this VideoClient documentation VideoClient | Zoom Video SDK for Web - 1.10.7.
An event is fired when the participant gets connected to the internet.