Duplicate participants on reconnection

Hey @vic.yang, @tommy

Seems like there one possible bug in SDK failover flow,

When user disconnects the call manually when there is no network connection, and rejoins when network comes back, then sometimes there is a duplicate participant in the Zoom session as Zoom SDK was not able to remove previously disconnected user from the session.

Sharing few session ID where the issue was observed:
r57mlsxlRCK1ma3e3DjVrA== , X9VjSspjSxuBbcGkcyWHbg==

Which Web Video SDK version?


  • Device: Macbook Pro, Windows 10 Pro
  • Browser: Chrome (100.0.4896.127 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Hey @shoaib

Thanks for your feedback.

It’s similar to the scenario I mentioned in this thread How to handle internet disconnection properly - #14 by vic.yang. The manually rejoined user is treated as a new participant, and the duplicate participant will disappear within 2 minutes.


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Hey @vic.yang,

Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, but I also think that ideally It should not happen right? because users don’t know that duplicate participant will disappear within 2 minutes. (The issue was reported by few of our users only)

Thanks for sharing the solution. I was about to ask the same question but found this related thread. You reply helped me alot.

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Also, we are noticing in some cases that after that duplicate user gets disappear (after 2 mins) remote participant’s video gets blanked (for the user who got reconnected) and only comes back when remote user toggle’s video.
Some of the affected sessions from the above issue: q14QZ7ngRJKhvkFQNHXetQ==, W+fvXXX+Tbmf0JfirJ6NOg==

Also, there were no errors in the console.

@tommy @vic.yang Not sure about the reason of the issue but It seems like SDK’s reconnection flow still have some issues.

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