Cannot set "Send confirmation email to Registrants" option (registrants_confirmation_email) when creating a meeting

When I create a meeting using the API, I want to also set the “registrants_confirmation_email” option to my setting. However, the API does not apply the setting correctly when I verify the meeting. The only way I can change it to my reference is that I would have to use another API call and call to the update meeting API and put that setting in the body and it will update the meeting correctly.

Furthermore, based on the documentation, the setting is listed within the update call, but not the in the Meeting object. When meeting is created, the meeting response object does not include that field. Is this the correct implementation or is the API missing something?

Hi Thai, 

Yes that is the correct implementation of the API, you will need to create the meeting then use the update API to send the confirmation emails to registrants. 



I cannot also set this by updating. To make sure I added panelists_video key as well, it updated successfully but  Confirmation Email to Registrants Send upon registration  setting in webinar page is unchanged. Can you check on this?

Hi Republic M!,

Can you share the exact API request that you used from the call logs?




I don’t know if it will help you. But I was also having problems with setting “registrants_confirmation_email” on PATCH.

But I noticed that I could set it when I tried changing every field in the settings object. Ended up using this:

settings: {
approval_type: 0,
close_registration: false,
enforce_login: true,
hd_video: true,
registrants_confirmation_email: false

Which seems to be working.