Cannot sign up for the Fully Customizable SDK

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Hello, I want to download Fully Customizable SDK for Windows. However, I cannot sign up for the Fully Customizable SDK on [Zoom Developer Solutions](zoom developer solutions).
I wrote all the information and clicked the ‘submit’ button. Then it moved to the next page, and I clicked the ‘I agree’ button. Even though I clicked the ‘I agree’ button, nothing changed. It remained on the page. I need your advice for signing up for the FC SDK.
I turned off the pop up blocking, and checked my mailbox, but I cannot solve the problem.
The account for signing up is ‘’
Thank you.

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It remains on this page even though I clicked the ‘i agree’ button.

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Hey @tlol91 ,

Thanks for reporting this to us. We will take a look at the issue. (ZOOM-242983)


Hey @tlol91 ,

This issue should now be fixed. :slight_smile:


Hello, we have tried multiple times (5 times), to the sales guys but they have not replied to us and we need the key to implement the fully customizable SDK, is all this available now?

Same here, have tried the exact same form,

Please help @tommy

Hi @tommy any news on this? Thank you

Hey @kalyna , @EYSS ,

Stay tuned for updates later this month. :slight_smile:


Hello @tommy any updates? we are at the end of March

Hey @EYSS , @tlol91 , @kalyna ,

You can now start using the Video SDK (renamed from Fully Customizable SDK).

Get started here: :slight_smile:


Thank you @tommy do you know if with the new sdk is possible to make a call directly to another person? or it is require to create a room and make the 2 people talking joining the room?

Hey @EYSS ,

Please create a new topic for unrelated questions to this topic. :slight_smile: