MobileRTC version incompatible on join

Starting last night some of our users have begun to receive an error when trying to join a meeting. It reads “the mobilertc version is incompatible”. Previously this was working. This has started occurring with no change to our app. Something appears to have changed on Zoom’s side. Please fix as soon as possible. Some meetings work. The one common factor we have seen so far is that these are organizational accounts that fail, not personal accounts. I have just attempted a login with one of these accounts and that fails as well.

We are using the iOS SDK.

Just to be clear this is a critical, urgent issue for us and as of right now it appears there is nothing we can do.

We have tried updating to the absolute latest version of the iOS SDK. Sign in to an organizational account still fails. Attempting to join a meeting started by an organizational account no longer presents an error, but it never connects to the meeting.

Trying to figure out if this is any organizational account or an issue with the configuration of a specific organization. Is there a setting at an organizational level that would disable sign in or joining meetings from the iOS SDK?

Hey @jeremy.provost,

Thanks for using the dev forum! It is good to see you again, you always find the tricky bugs :slight_smile:

All joking aside, this is a very strange issue that I have not seen before. I agree this is very urgent as I cannot see how this is not on the SDK side of things. I will update the engineers immediately. They may not require it but it might be helpful to provide the following in an email to

  • SDK Logs from an instance that showed the error
  • Known affected device models and iOS versions
  • If you have been able to recreate this in a debug environment, the Xcode version would be useful
  • The other version you have seen this happen on, besides the latest version
  • Mention my name, and tag this post
  • Any other information that might be useful

Not that I am aware of.


We have been able to verify that the same app is still working fine for other organizations. We have only been able to confirm one particular organization that has this issue so far.

Interesting, I will inform the team.


Hi Michael, thanks for responding. I have sent an email to address you indicated with more details about the organization in question. All reports seem to indicate it is specific to that org.

Hey @jeremy.provost,

Thank you! I see your email and will continue the conversation there.


I have exactly the same problem on the Android SDK.
Could a solution be found?

Thank you !

Just for anyone who end up landing here, as it is stated here Join meeting with a password - #16 by desko27 corporations can enforce a requirement for a minimum version of Zoom clients. This seems to be the issue for all of us.

Hi @jsavin, thanks for using our SDK.

Based on our internal testing, the required Zoom version is functioning properly with the Android SDK. If you are getting this error, it means that your SDK version does not meet the requirements set by your administrator. You can resolve this by either updating the SDK to a high enough version to satisfy the requirement, or by lowering the requirement to allow the SDK version you are using.


@jon.lieblich any update on the iOS SDK? ETA on a new release? Or can this be fixed on Zoom’s side without a client update? Thanks.

Hi @jeremy.provost,

I believe this is still being looked into by a couple of our engineers, but will let @Michael_Condon confirm. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @jon.lieblich @jeremy.provost,

That is correct. The engineers are still investigating this issue. It seems to effect different platforms in different ways. I will update this thread with what I hear from them.

Thanks for your help troubleshooting so far, @jeremy.provost!

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Sorry to keep bothering, but it has been 4 weeks since this issue came up and we are still dealing with the effects of it. Any update on either a Zoom-side fix or an updated mobile SDK?

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Hey @jeremy.provost,

Not yet, I will try to escalate this further.


Hello @jeremy.provost, @desko27, @jsavin,

Thank you all for your patience and help troubleshooting. The engineers need to manually the SDK version numbers in this part of the SDK. This issue should be resolved in the upcoming release. For now, please disable the minimum client version until the next release.


Hey everyone!

The new SDK version is now available and should resolve this issue. Please download and update. Let me know if you run into any issues there!



Integrating now. Thanks.