Cannot update user settings


Same issue as Unable to update user settings with API and Unable to update user settings (closed without being resolved).

PATCH calling the API /users/USER/settings using the following parameters & body
Authorization: Bearer
Accept: application/json, application/xml
Content-Type: application/json
return status code 204, but the user’s settings do not change.

Thank you for your help

Hi @antoniomuzzolini,

I believe you will need to pass webinar_capacity in your request body as well, which is likely why you’re not seeing the change go through.

Let me know if this resolves the issue.


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Hi @will.zoom , thank you for your answer, it works.
I noticed that now it works even if I only pass the webinar parameter. I think that means that until the webinar_capacity parameter is not defined, you can’t enable the webinar feature.
Thanks again,

Glad I could help! :slight_smile: