canStartRecording returns incorrect result


On SDK 5.9.6 (I know this is a little stale) I have noticed that [[[[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getMeetingService] getRecordController] canStartRecording:NO] returns true even when a user cannot start a recording (pressing the record button manually gives me the message that I need to ask the host to grant record priveleges)



Hi @richard1,

I just tested this on v5.9.6, and when I start a meeting from the client and then join from the SDK canStartRecording returns ZoomSDKError_NoPermission. Just to be sure though, you mentioned that the method returns true. The return value of this method is ZoomSDKError, so is it possible you misinterpreted the value?


Doh! Apologies you are correct - for some reason I had it my my head that this one returned a bool…

No worries! I’ve definitely made that same mistake once or twice before. :slightly_smiling_face: