Cant disable waiting room even after setting waiting_room to false

Another call to remove this limitation. It does little to enhance security and greatly reduces usability for the attendees (via a password) or the organiser (having to let people in). By all means, enable the meeting room by default, but please honor those of us who specifically disable it. At the very least, this should be allowed for the personal meeting - this is used by me to jump in and out of impromptu calls all day long and I do not wish to have to password protect it.


Please get rid off mandatory waiting room. It is so annoying. It should be my choice to turn it on or turn it off. NOT THE ZOOM CORPORATION.


same issue i am facing during trying to disable waiting room in our meed for order food in train . can help me also for solve this type of issue

Adding my +1. We need to be able to allow participants in before the host, without a passcode, without a waiting room. I understand why the change was made, but changing the behaviour without allow us to opt out is a big no.

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KISS. I’ve been writing software forever, though well into retirement now, have a few ideas. “Simple” means… (1) no guessing. If you’re going to require a waiting room or a password, then let that be known, CLEARLY and often and everywhere, esp. for the list admin. (2) less is more. Please, I/we don’t want to join the Zoom ecosystem, just use the software. (3) KISS applies to me and to my attendees. I want to send them an email invite which has the exact same meeting link every time, and no requirements whatsoever to join and even start the meeting before I arrive, so that my attendance isn’t required. If we begin to have outsiders, I’ll just change the meeting link. (4) So, the either/or requirement, please rethink. And note… the on/off switches don’t make it clear that one or the other is required. Thanks.

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I’m fine with there being a waiting room, but once we’ve started the meeting we should be able to disable it.
This option was present just a month ago it seems. Now we can no longer disable it. It’s awkward to let everyone in manually.


Adding a +1 as well, this has made running meetings a huge pain the a** for me. I run 5-6 meetings a day and this has made it so annoying to use Zoom


I echo the above sentiments. It should be the user’s choice if they wish to have either the password or waiting room option. We run groups where it is impractical to tell everyone what the password is. And it is incredibly difficult to manually admit people who may be arriving during presentations etc. The user should be able to have the waiting room only selected, and then when the session starts either be able to disable the waiting room OR SET IT TO AUTO-ADMIT all in the waiting room. Please change this before everyone leaves Zoom en masse for another alternative

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I’m having a similar issue where even though I have a password for the meeting, my end users are still prompted with a waiting room.

Is this normal? I thought passwords would stop the waiting room from happening.

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Hey everyone,

Here is information on the passcode and waiting room update that happened on Sept 27, 2020:

For Developers:

For Users:

If you are having technical issues with waiting rooms or passcodes, please reach out to, or for API / SDK issues, please create a new topic in the respective category, or reach out to We are happy to assist you! :slight_smile:

For feedback related to having either passcodes or waiting rooms required, please share it here: