Cant find meeting:write:master as part of my scope in my server app

I get this error while trying to create a meeting registrant via the API

  "code": 4711,
  "message": "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[meeting:write:master, meeting:master]."

I have meeting:master as part of my scope but cant find meeting:write:master

url = f"{meeting_id}/registrants"

Hi @anthonyugwu234
thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Can you please confirm that you are trying to use the endpoint Add a meeting registrant here:

If so, you would only need the meeting:write:admin and meeting:write scopes

I am using this

Hi @anthonyugwu234
Just to confirm, do you have a master account license enabled in your account?

I have a PRO account

So to be able to access the endpoint you are trying to, you will need to get a Master Account license.
Please try with this endpoint:

same even with this

Its a meeting not a webinar

So, you can not add the scope in your server to server oauth app? @anthonyugwu234
I am a little confused about what is going on .

If the issue is that you can not find the scope in your app, make sure that your role has all permissions enabled to create/edit meetings and or webinars