I cant find meeting:write:master option in scopes

I am getting the error below while creating a meeting via zoom api.

{“code”:4711,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[meeting:write:master, meeting:master].”}

I have a licensed account. But I can’t find meeting:write:master scope in scopes.

Can anyone help me about this issue?

Thank you.

Hi @ecodation10
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community
It looks like you are using our Master Account REST API and if you do not have a Master account license, the error you are getting is expected.

Please, make sure that you have a Master account, and if not, make sure to call the regular REST API endpoints:


How can I have check my account type.? If I have not a Master account license how can I get it?

Best regards.

Here is how you can get a master account license