Can't find the "testing section" anymore

Hi everyone,
maybe it’s a stupid question (or I am getting too tired today) but I can’t find anymore the section where I used to test API requests, at the end of the reference page (see image below).

Am I missing something?

Many thanks, Guido

**Screenshots **

Hi @puppons,

Not a stupid question at all. :slight_smile:

In our latest update of our documentation, our team removed the “Send a Test Request” embedded Postman tool from our site. As the full Postman tool offers a more robust set of capabilities, we found it best to direct all API testing to the Postman app itself, rather than the abbreviated tool that was embedded in our docs.

If you don’t already have Postman, you can download it here:

*Note that you can prepend to most of the path URLs in the documentation to come up with the URL to use in Postman.


Ok thanks,
will follow instrauctions and use Postman.

Many thanks, Guido.

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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