Can't get meeting recording by uuid when uuid has slashes?

I am trying to fetch a meeting recording by uuid via the /meeting/(recordingUUID)/recordings endpoint. In my case the meeting uuid has slashes in it: /ckQyTrqRFKXZHz0/PmVxQ==, so i try to GET /meeting/%2FckQyTrqRFKXZHz0%2FPmVxQ%3D%3D/recordings

{“code”:3301,“message”:“This recording does not exist.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
GET /meeting/%2FckQyTrqRFKXZHz0%2FPmVxQ%3D%3D/recordings

Additional context
In my UI, i display a list of recordings (/users/<user_id>/recordings) and allow the user to select one. I keep the recording UUID in the list, and try to download that recording with /meeting/(recordingUUID)/recordings. Is there a better way i should be doing this? I can’t use id from the recordings list because that seems to always pick the latest recording in that meeting.

Hey @scottjg

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these threads do not seem to apply to my question

Hey @scottjg,

Can you please try double url encoding the meetingUUID?

It would become this: %252FckQyTrqRFKXZHz0%252FPmVxQ%253D%253D


It worked! Is that in the docs and I just missed it?

Hey @scottjg,

Happy to hear it works! :slight_smile: Yes, it is mentioned in the docs here:


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