Can't join meeting when there is any presented view controller

If I invoke MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService().joinMeeting(with: params) in a presented view controller, I’ll get the follow error message.

Warning: Attempt to present <ZMNavigationController: 0x107a60400>  on <MyViewController: 0x1080d2200> which is already presenting <UINavigationController: 0x10825b400>

How can I present the ZMNavigationController on a specific view controller?

Which version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 7
  • OS: iOS 13
  • Version

Hi jason.liang
If app’s rootViewController is a UINavigationController,
you need call [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] setMobileRTCRootController:navVC]; in AppDelegate
If app’s rootViewController is not a UINavigationController, just ignore this step.
you can refer to our sample code, and try it.
Thanks for use our SDK.
Murray Li

I think setMobileRTCRootController is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks a lot. :bowing_man:t3:‍♂

I’m glad I could help you out.
Have a nice day~