Can't receive webhook


Zoom will try to deliver the notification for up to three times for an event. If after executing the retry-logic, Zoom doesn’t receive a 2XX response, no further notifications related to that event will be sent to your app’s Event Notification Endpoint URL .

Unfortunately this case has occurred. Should I recreate an application to try webhook again or is there another way?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth with event subscription.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Added event subscription for meeting.ended.
  2. Created meeting by /users/me/meetings.
  3. Joined.
  4. Click “End meeting for all”
  5. Have not received webhook.

Additional context
I try to get webhook on private (not published) OAuth application.

Hi @igor.kichuk, any information on an event can be retrieved through the API. Event Subscriptions are near real-time events; if you would like to retry the event, this will send a new event.

In your endpoint URL, respond with a 200 status to confirm the receipt of the event.

@michael.harrington, thanks for your reply. I retried the event but webhook has not received. I have no idea why. I even can’t see this request in nginx. I thought that problem is with the access to the server but anybody can send request to the server. I sent request to webhook endpoind without auth code and received 401 response code. I sent request with auth code and received 200 response code. Both cases I have seen in the nginx logs, but webhook was not received after event retry. Looks like webhook was not sent.
Maybe is there an webhook logs like for Webhook only app? It would help me to find a malfunction.

The recreated OAuth app with Event Subscription has helped me.

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Hey @igor.kichuk,

Were you able to resolve the issue?


Hi, @tommy.

I have marked recreating app as a solution.

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Thanks @igor.kichuk! Glad your issue was solved! :slight_smile: