Can't rejoin a webinar using Component View in React App

I can start a webinar using the Component View in a react app with no problems. When I end the webinar in the console the following error is show:

zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) {type: 'IMPROPER_MEETING_STATE', reason: 'closed'}

If I try and start the webinar again it seems to join without errors being thrown but the Zoom Component View disappears after I rejoin.

I am also having issues if I navigate to a different page where I am using the Component View also after I start a webinar. I think it is something similar to this issue here

There doesn’t seem to be a destroyClient method available though for the ZoomMtgEmbedded so what would the solution be?

Doing a page refresh will fix this issue.

Browser Console Error
Issue 1.
zoomus-websdk-embedded.umd.min.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) {type: 'IMPROPER_MEETING_STATE', reason: 'closed'}

Issue 2
{type: ‘INVALID_OPERATION’, reason: ‘Duplicated join operation’}`

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
Tried 2.35 and 2.4.0

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

const startWebinar = async () => {

    try {
      const { signature, zak } = await getStartSignature(

      await client.join({
        signature: signature,
        tk: zak,
        apiKey: process.env.REACT_APP_ZOOM_API_KEY,
        userName: username,
        userEmail: email,

    } catch (err) {
      console.log('Error', err)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a webinar using the Component View
  2. End the webinar once started
  3. Try to start the webinar again

Device (please complete the following information):
Chrome and Firefox

Thank you for calling attention to the behavior you are seeing. I am able to reproduce the Uncaught (in promise) {type: 'IMPROPER_MEETING_STATE', reason: 'closed'} error and have already reported it to our SDK team for further investigation [ZOOM-372963]. I will let you know what I learn, but please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this.


Can I ask if there has been any update on this issue?

Refreshing the page is the only way I can manage to get the zoom component to work if it has failed once before.

Even I’m facing the same issue and there have been no updates as of yet from the zoom team

@donte.zoom we appreciate an update on this as soon as possible


I’m also facing the same issue. Someone please give us some feedback @donte.zoom

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@mirza.hasanovic @Zerodistance @jmd11,

Thanks for the tag! Just checked the ticket for this and there is no update available at this time. I will follow up with the team and share any available updates. For now, please trigger a page refresh if a failure is detected when ending a meeting or webinar.


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@donte.zoom , Can you please give a code sample on how to trigger a page refresh when ending a meeting for a component view and not client view? I can’t find that in the documentation.

similar to my issue here ;


Unlike Client View, there is no “page refresh” in Component View once a meeting is ended or left. Instead, the Component SDK provides leaveMeeting function and Meeting Left Webhook so you can implement the flow of your choice.

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