Cant save chat subscriptions in bot feature

I was not able to submit my chat bot app.

Im getting the error fail_register_robot_to_robot_service all the time.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Im trying to create Chatbot app.

To replicate

  • Im trying to install the new chatbot app ( this is my 3rd chabot app )
  1. on the feature section, fill up all the fields and click save button .
  2. then i get this error fail_register_robot error.
  3. ive checked the browser network console and i get this error.

Screenshots (If applicable)
note: i cant embed attachments somehow.

Additional context
Ive tried several times, in adjusting Chat subscriptions fields but in no avail.

Hi @rod.gohetia,

Thanks for reaching out about this and apologies for the trouble. Can you please open a request with us here and share your account details and the app’s Client ID? We will be happy to help investigate further.


will to the rescue!!
thanks man,

i have existing ticket around this one already, will but yeah I got bad luck is getting a responses. its been 2 days already i dont hear anything back.

Hope you can help on this case.


@will.zoom have you check the recorded video related to this issue?

this is the error i get, everytime i save the bot endpoint url both dev and prod.
so this reaction prevents me to save the endpoints successfully.

Hi @rod.gohetia,

Can you share the ticket ID with me? We will need your account details and the app’s client ID to take a closer look, but can’t share them here.


hi @will.zoom , managed to fix this one, ive create a new chatbot and it work smoothly. Until now I still dont understand why it happens.