Can't see Call Logs from JWT apps

I am preparing to decommission JWT App. I looked into it a few weeks ago, and I remember that when I checked “Call Logs” I could see many requests every hour. I checked again today, and I cannot see any logs.

I know for a fact that JWT app is being actively used, I disabled it for a moment and got an error right away when trying to use the integration. But I am not seeing any calls.

This is important because I identified one integration that still uses JWT, but there could be more. I will fix the one I know about, but then I would like to see if there are more calls.

As a test I made an API call using the JWT Token from Postman, and I can see that call on the list, but nothing more. Other people with Admin accounts can’t even see that test call I made.

Any ideas why Call Logs are not visible?
Should they be visible to all admins?


Goto App Marketplace
you should be able to see something similar to this (screenshot below)

Do you see APIs calls under your JWT App Type?
This is under the metrics column (screenshot below)

If you do see something, click on actions (screenshot below) and click on “view call logs”


I tried to include screenshots in my original message, but I am getting an error.
Here are the screenshots: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I can see the JWT app on the account.

I also have Google Workspace app added.

When I click to see the logs of JWT app, it takes me to the page where I can see logs from Google Workspace app (the Zoom meetings created) and I can see two API calls to JWT app that I made using Postman.
But I cannot see any other calls to JWT APP.

However, I know those calls are happening, because as soon as I disabled the APP, one of my integrations failed.


Regardless of the logs visibility, are you able to migrate your JWT app type to a Server to Server Oauth App type?

Not really, because I would like to see the logs to figure out what other third party services are using this integration. I can migrate the one I know about, and then I would like to see if there are more calls coming.

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