Created a OAuth App for FreshService. Need assistance determining if working or not. Is there a way to pull a log?

I am wanted to verify if a FreshService MarketPlace application that was previous setup for JWT and is now migrated over to OAuth is authenticating and passing data between each other by some visibility shown by a log if available.

You can check the API Call Logs to see if Zoom is receiving and responding to requests made by the application. This can only show requests that successfully authenticated as your application (or it won’t be recorded in the logs for your account to see).

Hi Chris,

Can you be more specific as you show where in the API Call Log its showing successful transit?

It varies based on your application’s behavior. You can try comparing the behavior of the JWT app and the Server-to-Server OAuth application — exercise the JWT app, observe the kinds of requests that appear in the logs, switch to the Server-to-Server OAuth app and exercise it in the same way, and see if the requests and status codes are similar. When I migrated our application from JWT to Server-to-Server OAuth, the API calls were essentially identical, and therefore the application behavior was unchanged, so a glance at the API Call Logs looked identical.