Clarification on JWT app type retirement


Back in May, we migrated our current server 2 server App we use to automatically create scheduled meetings in Zoom from JWT to S2S Oauth.
At the beginning of June we have de-activated the JWT app and everything looks working fine.
If I follow the instruction provided in Zoom’s last mail “JWT retirement schedule change” I can only see the call logs for the de-activated JWT app, with recent calls dating up to today, which I find a little bit weird if the application is de-activated.
I cannot find a corresponding “View Call logs” for the S2S Oauth application, which is, instead, active and I was pretty confident is the one we are using.
Anybody can clarify that?
How can I be sure we are ready for the migration? I though it was the case since beginning of June when we de-activated the JWT and everything was working fine on our side.

Hi @maurizio.manetti
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
If you successfully deactivated your app, you do not need to take any further actions.
I believe there is a discrepancy in the Call logs where some of the S2S Oauth app logs are not coming back.

To find the call logs for your S2S OAuth app, head to the Marketplace Dashboard and look for the following:

the same way you can look into your JWT logs switching the app type in the dropdown menu

Let me know if this helps !