Canvas LTI not working

When clicking on the Zoom menu tab in Canvas (within any course), then Authenticate, we receive the following error: {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“redirect_uri does not match client settings”}

Hi @kieffer
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Have you been able to trobuelshoot this issue?


No, we have not been able to fix the issue. Zoom support has their script and they are sticking to the stock answer: upgrade to 1.1 Pro or 1.3 Pro. We are using an older LTI option built into Zoom (NOT their LTI Pro option). The Zoom support person who I am talking to doesn’t want to talk about that option and is pushing us to move to the LTI Pro. I’m not convinced that won’t break some things (e.g. calendar events). We would rather not move to a new version mid-semester. Our Canvas rep indicated this happened with another school and Zoom support fixed it. She even had a Zoom ticket number for reference: #16673287. Do you have any ideas? We can’t seem to get beyond tier one support.

Thank you,
Paul Kieffer

Hi @kieffer
Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I am not aware of the issue or how to fix it.
Let me take a look to that ticket that you have shared and i will come back to you