Pro LTI stopped functioning with LTI Moodle Error 2207

Suddently from morning 23 jan 2023 10:15 , getting ZOOM lti pro Moodle error


Something wrong happened, please try again later(2207).

Error Code 2207 - v=2.0;clid=aw1;rid=INT_ec5883e6cb746748

today theirs is almot above 10 session shedulet for 6 courses , please help us asap

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We do experience the same issue with our integrations - but only some of them are affected. It seems to be a problem in the REST API oauth authentication, which is used by the Zoom LTI Pro App by itself.

We have ran across the status site of zoom:

“A subset of users not able to use oauth for authentication. -
Our monitoring has detected service degradation where Zoom’s Rest API mentioned below is impacted. Our engineers are currently investigating the impact and root cause. Zoom will provide updates as soon as there is more information to share.”

Hopefully it will get resolved soon.

We have the same integration but with canvas, I had to go to the marketplace and update the App and it worked flawlessly, here’s a screenshot of what I saw when opening the App in the marketplace.

Hope this helps.

We have problem with Blackboard and LTI in all our session with error, we need a fix ASAP.

Something wrong happened, please try again later(2207).
Código de error 2207 - v=2.0;clid=aw1;rid=INT_e899904e13a6e898