Canvas and LTI Pro - redirect

Our Canvas integration was working fine
We’ve recently had to re-install the LTI Pro app on our Zoom account.
Now we find that when using the Canvas-Zoom link, instead of presenting the Zoom interface ‘inline’ as if embedded within Canvas, it redirects the user and tries to open a pop-up (which then opens a new browser tab/window.)
The redirect works (in that all the users’ recordings/meetings are presented) but this is behaviour that didn’t happen until we reinstalled the LTI Pro app.

Redirect rather than ‘inline’ presentation

Which App?
Canvas and LTI Pro

Additional context
Our IT department actually control the LTI Pro app.
They may have created a support request also.


Solved now!
For future reference:
I think there was a typo in the Configure Approved Domains settings

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Happy to hear you got it sorted out! :slight_smile:


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