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Raw Audio live stream data

We are developing an app for Zoom market place and while developing, we are facing issues and are not able to proceed.

Concept of this Zoom App:

After installing this app for each participant’s zoom account, the host will start meeting. After starting the meeting, we will capture 10 seconds of voice data of each participant in every minute.

Problem Statement

To go ahead in the App, we are not able to record the Audio. Please assist us in getting the relevant API or any other alternative solution. We can get on a call for any details if required for the resolution.

We are using Zoom App SDK for developing this Zoom app. Please find the link is given below for your reference.

Links: Introduction to Zoom Apps

Please let me know Raw audio stream data is possible in Zoom App Sdk?

Currently, there is no API in Zoom Apps SDK to capture raw audio data.

Could you please tell me?
is there any other way to capture raw audio data

Thanks, But read.ai are doing same