Capture/export/pull webinar source tracking counts without oauth


I need to capture or export or pull the Webinar-Registration-Source-Tracking from my zoom account to display them in an external website (i.e. google sites) so that my team or anyone who visit my website can see how many visitors/registrants we have on each webinar source tracking.

The reason for this is that I have 1 teammember assigned to each source and they need to be able to have visibility at any time of their productivity thru a public website and not within a zoom instance.

I was able to obtain the correct data that I want via http/json as explained in /docs/api-reference/zoom-api/webinars/gettrackingsources but since the display will be on a website, the oauth protocol won’t work unless the user that goes to the website is logged into the main Zoom acount . (I do not want to create users for each teammember as we do not need them, we only use 1 account and I am the only one with the password, the teammembers don’t need access to the account)

The final result that I am looking for is to embed in my google site something similar or the same as the following WITHOUT the “export all” and the “edit/delete” buttons:

I read that webinar source tracking counts don’t work with webhooks and maybe I am too new working with APIs but woud someone please provide support with this request? A fully developed html or javascript embeddable code would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks so much!!!


While there was no error during the http/json process described before, I did attempt to combine STEP 1 and STEP 2 of the /docs/guides/auth/oauth and even tho integration was succesful, the protocol is not accepted by Zoom server. I was trying to obtain a token access every time my google website is loaded, but I wasn’t able to achieve it.

STEP 1:{CLIENT ID}&redirect_uri={REDIRECT URI}



COMBINED ATTEMPT RESULT: error “405 Method Not Allowed”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth / JWT / Webhook > or any that would work for my purpose

Worth to be mentioned again, please note that the data that I want to display/capture from Zoom has to be visible in a public website without users login.


Hey @jdieguez,

Thanks for reaching out about this and for clarifying your use case in such detail! Happy to help out.

If you’re looking to essentially recreate the screenshot you’ve shared here, one option would be to authenticate your requests to our GET Webinar Tracking Sources endpoint with JWT, rather than OAuth. This would not require external users to be authenticated in order for you to make requests to this endpoint. Since all of this information (tracking sources) already lives under your account, JWT would allow you to pull this information using a standard set of API credentials.

If you want to give this a try, you can first create a JWT app to generate your API credentials. You can then authenticate your requests to this endpoint following the steps here.

Let me know if this helps or if you still have questions!


Hey @jdieguez,

Good question—are you referring to the JWT Token’s “exp” property, or something else?

Generally, a best practice is to regenerate tokens periodically to reduce vulnerability, but this is up to your discretion based on your use case and application. :slight_smile:


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