Challenges with API Rate Limiting and Data Consistency

Dear Community,

I am currently facing a challenging issue with the API I’m using in my project, specifically related to rate limiting and maintaining data consistency. The API has a strict limit on the number of requests that can be made per minute, which is proving to be a significant hurdle in efficiently retrieving and updating data.

The primary problem arises when trying to fetch large amounts of data or perform multiple updates in a short period. Due to the rate limits, my requests often get throttled, leading to delays and sometimes incomplete data retrieval. This not only slows down the user experience but also affects the reliability of the data being presented, as some updates might not be processed in time.

Moreover, handling the rate limit errors and implementing an efficient retry mechanism without violating the API’s constraints or overloading my system has been a complex task. There’s also the challenge of ensuring data consistency during these retries, especially when dealing with concurrent requests.

Hi @traceyevans414 ,

It sounds like you may need to make a case with your account manager for a formal account-based rate limit increase or adjust your plan for your rate limit needs :slight_smile:

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