Increase REST API rate limits for data integration


Our company Data Engineering team is facing issues with Zoom REST API lately. For BI and analytics purposes, we extract data from users, meetings and webinars on a daily basis. In our specific case, we want to start doing this process using a Fivetran connector.

The issue that we are facing at this moment is that we can not transfer all the necessary data with the current daily rate limits on the API. We need to process reports about way more than 60,000 meetings and webinars, and the current limitations are making it impossible for us to retrieve the data we need in its full capacity.

→ We already have Business+ account, and we are using REST API with OAuth2.

We often get error messages like this one:

{"code":429, "message": "You have reached the maximum daily rate limit for this API. Refer to the response header for details on when you can make another request."}

Is it possible to increase our Daily API rate limits, do we have options on this matter? This is a very crucial integration for us, and we would really appreciate if we can get directions on this issue.