Change Account Type level app to user level


I created a zoom oauth app (in the old zoom framework) with account level type, but in reality I need user level app. I need to change this app type in order to Zoom App Review process to continue. Is there a way of changing this type without having to create a new app?

In case I need to create a new app, what is the process of creating an oauth app with the new framework of zoom marketplace? Also, in the other app I had to validate my domain manually. Is this process necessary again?

Thanks in advanced, and happy new year!

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To create a User-level OAuth app, you need to create a new app.

You can find the documentation for the Unified Build Flow here:

Zoom App Creation Build Flow

I’ve created a quick walk-through video as a reference on how to create an OAuth App using the Unified Build Flow Marketplace app.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Donte!

I can’t see the video. It’s like the screen is frozen all the time with the same frame.


@jsancho ,

Can you try the link again? And let me know if the same behavior persists.