Change text in Minimum Client Version error message to include web client instructions

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We are trying to use the “Require users to update the client” setting at our organization. However, many of our users have concerns about the requirement.

When users receive an error related to minimum client version, their only option is to “Update.” This may not be available to all users (e.g. a managed device) or it may not be convenient at that time (e.g. will make them late for a meeting).

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be nice if the error message added guidance to alternatively use the web client to join the meeting. A link that takes them back to their browser, or to instructions for logging in with the web client would help a user that cannot perform the update (or feels they don’t have the time to perform the update).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Additional context
Image of error message:


Additionally for anyone trying to leverage the Zoom SDK.
If “Minimum Client Version” is enabled the SDK doesn’t work.

This needs to be decoupled or the SDK version and the production versions
need to be kept in sync or we need a proper error message on authentication
so it doesn’t take companies hours to figure out why they cannot connect to their
corporate accounts. ( or all 3 )