Changing start_time for recurring meeting with type "8"

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Zoom Meeting API issues with changing recurring fixed meeting start_time
Zoom Meeting API

Hi, have been using the zoom api endpoint to change the meeting start_time for a script i’m working on, the script changes the start_time for a scheduled meeting but not for a recurring_meeting, if the recurring_meeting is a type:3 then a start_time can not be specified because it does not have that attribute. However, if i specify the start_time for a fixed recurring_meeting, i do not get any error when i make a patch request, however the update to the start_time doesn’t seem to be effectuated in the zoom app. This is what my request.patch body looks like

meeting_update_details = {
“topic”: topic,
“start_time”: start_time.isoformat(),
“timezone”: “Asia/Singapore”,

response = requests.patch(

I am not able to get the zoom recurring meeting start_time change to be effectuated in the app but it doesn’t give any errors when i make the patch request.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Request URL / Headers **({USER_ID}/meetings
headers = {

    "authorization": "Bearer " + generate_token(),

    "content-type": "application/json",


)** / Body*
2. jwt token
3. None produces except as explained above

Hi @ayanelaw

Let me do some testing on my end and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


okay, thanks. Would be waiting on your reply.


Can you provide the request data that you created the meeting with, and then the update in a bit more detail, you can leave out the JWT of course, but I am having a hard time trying to reproduce this behaviour.

Thank you

@rarev. The meeting is created from the app, by providing all the needed details. It is a recurring meeting with a fixed_time. And the start_time is provided whilst creating the meeting. Only the updating of the start_time of the meeting is done through the API, and this is the function that updates the meeting::

def scheduled_meeting_update_and_return_start_time(title):

    print("Scheduling meeting")


    current_time ="Asia/Singapore"))

    start_time = current_time + timedelta(minutes=MEETING_START_TIME)

    start_time_in_seconds = (start_time - current_time).total_seconds()

    meeting_update_details = {

        "topic": topic,

        "start_time": start_time.isoformat(),

        "duration": MEETING_DURATION,

        "timezone": "Asia/Singapore",

        "join_before_host": False,

        "waiting_room": False,

        "participant_video": False,

        "mute_upon_entry": True,


    response = requests.patch(

        url + f"/meetings/{MEETING_ID}",




    if response.status_code != 204:

        raise ValueError("Schedule Updating not successful")

    return start_time_in_seconds

This is how the token is being generated:

def generate_token():

    expiration_time = time() + 5000

    headers = {"iss": API_KEY, "exp": expiration_time}

    token = jwt.encode(headers, API_SEC, algorithm="HS256")

    return token

The code works fine for updating a scheduled meeting but not for a recurring meeting with fixed time. I don’t get any error when i update a recurring meeting with fixed time but the updated time doesn’t show up in my next meeting home as the next meeting and if i’m updating the start_time to 5 minutes after the current time of updating the time, i don’t get a notification that my meeting is starting in 5 minutes time.