Chat Window Cutoff

I’ve received a number of reports from our users of the chat window being cutoff but have been unable to pin down an exact cause or steps to reproduce. A screenshot of an occurrence of the chat being cutoff can be seen below (the meeting id for this meeting was). Has anyone seen this behavior or know the cause? Is there a workaround or fix to make the panel render correctly?

Chat window is cutoff and can’t be scrolled.

Which version?
Zoom Web SDK 1.7.9.


Hey @erichhansen,

Sorry to hear your users are having some trouble with the Chat window. Do you know what browsers they were on, and if they were resizing the screen at all?

Also, are you manipulating the CSS of the Web SDK in anyway?


We have added CSS for some elements in the Web SDK (but have not modified the CSS in the Web SDK itself). Most of those CSS changes were to update colors for the “Join Audio” dialog to make tabs and options more prominent for our users. We have not intentionally updated any styling for the chat window itself.

This has been a tricky one as we’ve received reports from users and have had screenshots from actual meetings but have not been able to identify reproduction steps.

Hey @erichhansen,

Thanks for the info. Changing any styling of the Web SDK could have adverse affects. As we have not received any other reports of this issue, can you try updating to 1.8.1, or double checking your CSS to see if one of your changes could be affecting the sizing of the Zoom Web SDK window?

Also, if you or your users see the issue again, getting a full page screenshot would be helpful to check if the issue is on our end.


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