Check status of a meeting created by a different account

Is it possible to check the status of a meeting created by another user’s account? We are building an app where one of the users can create an instant meeting using their own Zoom account (authorized via OAuth) and then other users may join that meeting. The currently active meeting id is stored in a local DB while the meeting is active, but we want to check that it is valid before attempting to launch the user into the meeting.

I am finding that when we hit the API endpoint /meetings/{meetingid} we receive a 404 in return if the meeting was not created by the user performing the check even if the meeting is valid and in progress.

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Call the “meeting create” endpoint using access token by one user
  2. Use the meeting id and call the “get meeting” endpoint for a user with a different access token
  3. Receive a 404 indicating the meeting does not exist or is expired.

Additional context
We are joining the meeting using the Web SDK and want to handle error cases before initializing the SDK to attempt joining the meeting.

Hey @ansell, thanks for posting.

The /meetings/{meetingId} should do the trick. Is your OAuth app Account-level and do you have the meeting:read:admin scope?

You can also try /meetings/{userId}/meetings and pass in either me or the userId or email of the user whose meetings you want to get.


The app was created as User-level because users would be creating meetings with their own personal Zoom accounts and not via user’s managed by the app account owner. Was this an incorrect assumption?

The descriptions when creating the app on the developer site describe it like this:

Account-level app:
This app must be installed by admin and can manage all users in the account

User-managed app:
This app can be installed and managed by individual users

Update: I attempted to create a new App with Account-level credentials and, as I suspected, I cannot install it because I receive the following error when attempting to launch the OAuth flow:

This app cannot be installed outside of the developer’s account. Please contact the application developer to get support with installing this application.

Hey @ansell,

Your assumption of the User Level OAuth App is correct with one catch, only the user who owns the access_token can see their own meetings / data.

For a User Level OAuth App, only the access_token owner can get their own meetings.

To install the Account Level OAuth app, did you click the green Install button? That will install the app on your account.


Let me know if this helps!


It turned out I was missing some information when I setup the Account-Level app so I was able to install it after that.

However, what I learned after that is what I feared, it doesn’t seem to be possible to check the status for meetings created by users outside of your account. When I tried hitting the /meetings/{meetingid} endpoint using the Account-Level app credentials I received a 400 error with the following info:

  "code": 1010,
  "message": "User not found on this account: mh15_uLhRwWEPRzl9uMtcg"

It seems my use case can’t be accomplished and I just need to let the user attempt to join the meeting and handle the failure if the meeting no longer exists.

Hey @ansell,

If the users are apart of your same Zoom account, which you can see here you can access their data via the API’s.

If the users are not apart of your Zoom account, correct you cannot access their data, unless they install your OAuth App and authorize you to do so.