Check who is talking in any moment



I’m looking for opportunity (in RestAPI or any SDK) to get data who is talking in any moment in a meeting. I want to save this information in database at the end.

I found i can get it in , but in this stack i don’t have access to audio/video. 

Is it possible to manage it somehow?

Thanks in advice.



You can’t gather this from the rest api, as it is meant for pre and post meeting use cases.


Via the SDKs you have gather this, for example in the Android SDK there is a isTalking method–


Thanks Joshua.

Is there any chance to be as ONE participant in meeting in web client ( and any native desktop/mobile client at once?

Sounds weird, but with this solution I can realize my goal - on web client via websockets I can get details who is talking. But I have to join a new meeting participant. Is it possible to login via web as existing meeting participant? Obviously using the same credentials for both. 


It depends on your meeting configuration. If you have join before host enabled, and don’t require registration or enforce login, I don’t see why you couldn’t join the meeting anonymously.