JS SDK Functionality Question

We have a question regarding a piece of functionality of your JS SDK.

We’re using Zoom’s javascript library ‘@zoomus/websdk’ to connect to a zoom meeting via our web app.

Is it possible to get a realtime info on who’s the active speaker? We don’t necessarily have to obtain the info via that library, any approach resulting in our system getting that info would be great.

Results of our own research on this topic are:

  1. We did find a web hook to send us a recording with active speaker info but that’s not realtime and is therefore not helpful to us

  2. The Zoom APP SDK does appear to have this functionality but, apparently, it requires the host of the meeting to install the app inside their own zoom client. We’re also not sure how this would work with our meetings that created via API. Is there a way of using this SDK without forcing the meetings’ hosts to install a zoom app?

  3. There’s an undocumented event listener inMeetingServiceListener (Web SDK ZoomMtg inMeetingServiceListener) which provides events like user joining or leaving the meeting. Is it possible to use this to provide info on active speaker somehow?

  4. Windows SDK provides this functionality via onUserAudioStatusChange event: zoom-sdk-windows/EventMgr.cpp at 69f8ff8310a4e52fd26be42d7547854484600940 · zoom/zoom-sdk-windows · GitHub. Is there some counterpart to this functionality inside the ‘@zoomus/websdk’ library?

Hi @greenbug ,

You are correct with respect to your research and this has been submitted as a feature request. This has been the next best approach (aside from installing the Zoom App for realtime results) to get a record of active speakers for the Web SDK:

Thank you!


This seems like a recurring feature request is there a timeline for when this will be implemented i have seen multiple tickets raised about the same

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