Checking in using only email/userID via API?

I have a use case for passive check-in to a desk reservation as follows:

There are 500 desks behind a badge access doorway.
Employee reserves a desk for the next day.
Employee shows up at the office, and swipes their badge on a card reader to gain entry.
Entry Badge system knows the email/user_id and floor/building of the person who just swiped their badge.
Entry Badge system wants to, via API, check them into their Reservation they have in Zoom for their Desk.
Entry Badge system does NOT know the reservation_id or which workspace_id the user has booked at.

How can we accomplish a passive check-in with only knowledge of the floor/building (which contains 500 desks) and the email/user_id?

I only see the API to check-in if you have a Reservation or a workspace_id/user_id pair.
(POST /workspaces/events)

I suppose we could brute force it by programming the Badge System to know all the 500 desk’s worksapce_id, and just send a check-in API call to all 500 workspace_id/user_id pairs, but that seems like the wrong thing to do…