Checklist for Apps / Best Practice


Zoom has a Great Developer Experience, Thanks! We have managed to develop an app integration in less than a day!

To give our App a polished feel we want to make sure it aligns with best practice, in terms of Marketing, Features, UX etc.

An example of what we are building to support the App:

  • Landing Page on our marketing site
  • Help Documentation with Sections for Set-Up, End-User Features, Troubleshooting.
  • Best Practice Features, e.g. what are the common/best practice configurations and how should they display, What happens if the app is disconnected

Do you have anything like this as a guide? If not we are happy to give it the first go and share what we did.


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Hey @chris.tune,

Thanks for the compliment and for building on the Zoom developer platform! :slight_smile:

We do have an app submission checklist that goes over some of these. And we do have docs on the uninstall flow too (if that’s what you mean by disconnected).

As for the specific resources on your end like the landing page, documentation, support page, that is really up to you, the more the merrier! Users like to feel supported and walked through each process of your app. :slight_smile: