Clarification on Changelog

In your changelog you mention a few new features for 1.1.0.

Local audio and video track APIs to preview audio/video before joining a session
APIs for controlling and managing Web Video SDK sessions

I am not noticing any extra methods or return types or anything that would expose these new API’s. Could you clarify where we could find this new functionality? Thanks.

Hey @ephraimwwt

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. To use local audio and video track :
import ZoomVideo from '@zoom/videosdk';
const testCamera = async () => {
  const devices = await ZoomVideo.getDevices();
  const videoDevices = devices.filter(function (device) {
    return device.kind === "videoinput";
  const selectedCameraId = videoDevices[0].deviceId;
  const localVideoTrack = ZoomVideo.createLocalVideoTrack(selectedCameraId);
  await localVideoTrack.start(VideoElement);
  // stop render local video
  await localVideoTrack.stop();

We will improve the documentation soon.

  1. We added an addition parameter to leave method to control whether end the session.
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Perfect, thank you Vic!

Thanks @vic.yang !

Let us know if you have any other questions @ephraimwwt ! :slight_smile:


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