Clarify WebSDK costing/limitations with Pro account/ Webinars / Per minute costs?

Q1) Whilst I have the WedSDk up and running okay using my Pro account. I am having difficulty confirming information on the billing. My client’s intention is to run meetings of 65 attendees (who may not have zoom accounts) via a web embed. Some 8 hours per month. Somewhere I read that there was a per minute charge for this over and above 4000 minutes per month?

Presenters / hosts will be joining using the Zoom Desktop app

Q2) If we paid for the Webinar addon does that remove per minute charges?

Q3) Can we automatically sign in attendees in, using standard meeting mode and Webinar mode? (Meaning as we have their details [they are logged into our system] and the room details, so they wont need to manually input roomID/password or name)

No error, this is clarification of billing related to the Web SDK

Which version?

Additional context
Yes, i have tried to contact sales…

Hey @StreamProjects,

There is not a per minute charge. Our current pricing is per meeting / webinar host, mentioned here:

Yes, you can handle the Web SDK join logic / flow on your end.


Thank you Tommy,
Okay, good… not sure where I read that…
So in the scenario I mentioned… can my client have one account, and via websdk create multiple meeting rooms? Or is an account need for each room? Typically there will be one main room and sporadically 4 breakout rooms…

The presenters are external to the client, all likely will not have zoom accounts.


Hey @StreamProjects,

You can host multiple concurrent meetings with the same Web SDK JWT credentials so long as you have user to host each meeting.


Thanks, can you just clarify ‘user’ meaning anyone I allow access to the Web SDK JWT (possible multiple concurrent rooms off one account) … or each ‘user’ has to have a paid up Zoom account?

Related sub question: As Zoom are not supporting breakout rooms YET in the WEB SDK … can I ( as I think you hinted above) let most of the users leave the main room. Then allow a select few ‘moderators’ (we know them) to each create a separate room (say 6, controlled by the Web SDK JWT) and we then manage which users (again we have that info) join each ‘moderators’ (predetermined which) room…

Hey @StreamProjects,

User as in a Zoom user on your account, they can be free or paid:

As for your flow to emulate a breakout room, that should work! :slight_smile: